• Fast, simple and accurate

  • Easy to read digital inclinometer display and very long battery life

  • Universal, three-point design easily used with nearly any wheel type, whether for cars or trucks 

  • In nearly all cases, no need to remove hub caps, lug nuts or jack the car off the ground – is held in place by hand or clipped to the wheel – no magnets

  • Works equally well on level or non-level surfaces

  • Ruggedly built for everyday use at home, shop or race track

  • Widely used by one-day event enthusiasts (such as Hooked on Driving days), autocrossers, club racers, professional racers and tuners throughout the world

  • Two tools in one, the SmartLevel module can be quickly removed to measure other things on the car, in the shop or at home.

  • If you already own a SmartLevel module, it will fit into the camber frame exactly the same way.

  • Designed in California and made in USA

* This is a non return item, please verify your application before you order.