Setrab ProLine Fanpacks

Setrab ProLine Fanpacks combine the already high-performing and versatile heat exchange characteristics of the range of Setrab ProLine oil coolers with high-volume, low-profile fans and robust fan shrouds to create a cooling package that is unparalleled in performance, versatility, and ease of installation.

Compact size and outstanding performance established the 6-series 25-row Setrab ProLine oil cooler as a perennial favourite in many areas of motorsports.

This top-seller's versatility is increased with the addition of a high-performance, low-profile fan and shroud solution.

Slim design packs a hefty punch

Featuring a low-profile 324cfm fan and robust fan shroud to ensure plenty of airflow across the heat exchange surface.

Typical applications:

Engine oil, gearbox, or differential cooling are all within the scope of this all-purpose fan-assisted cooling package.


12.99W X 7.95H X 4.38D

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