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AiM MXG 1.2 Dash Logger

The AiM MXG 1.2 Dash Logger has an extra wide 7" high contrast display which is fully configurable by the user and is suitable for many different motorsports categories. The MXG has been designed to acquire and display data coming from your ECU, the internal accelerometer and gyro, the GPS08 Module analogue/digital inputs and predefined math channels.

Your performance and data acquired can also be incremented by adding up to eight expansion modules.

 The main difference between this MXG and the MXS, MXP dash loggers are the size.

Connecting the MXG 1.2 dash to your ECU ( standard vehicle or racing ECU) is very simple. You can sample and display dozens of channels straight from your vehicles ECU. This is normally the quickest set up. Needing only a cable connection to the ECU instead of multiple connections to analogue sensors.

Your sampled data depends on the actual ECU but typically RPM, engine load, throttle position, (TPS), oil, air, water temperature, oil pressure, battery voltage, speed, gear, lambda value (air/fuel ratio). The list of available ECU drivers is constantly updated and upgraded and includes approximately 1,000+ ECUs. Either stock or racing.

* This is a non return item, please verify your application before you order.