Moton 3-Way

The 3-way Motorsport suspension is designed for the professional racer. This ultimate suspension system is by far the finest quality and best handling suspension system on the market today.

Featuring remote reservoirs for superior fluid temperature control, quick release hydraulic lines (on most models) for easy installation, separate compression and rebound damper valving adjustment and height adjustable spring perches, this kit is beyond the more common coil-over systems on the market. If your driving can benefit for the ultimate in suspension tuning, then this kit is for you.

The 3-Way adjustable Moton damper features 15 positions of high speed bump, 6 positions low speed bump and 15 positions of rebound adjustment. The low speed bump adjuster is located on top of the high speed bump adjuster and can be adjusted in dependably. The low speed bump adjuster is very effective in helping to control body roll while adding to turn in and is effective in controlling pitch and squat. The 3-Way adjustable Moton damper is using, like the double adjustable damper, a unique blow off valve system in the canister to totally control curb stones and bumpy track conditions.


  • Easy to adjust and set up
  • Proven reliability
  • Wide range of springs can be used
  • Improve grip and stabilityI
  • improved traction and higher grip levels
  • Custom valving available
  • Rebuildable at Moton Service centers


  • 15 separate bump and 15 separate rebound controls
  • Unique blow off valve system and remote reservoir
  • Large piston rod diameter for more fluid displacement
  • Adjustable gas pressure for adult lifting force
  • Large mean piston for a quick precise response
  • No preload foul stacks needed for low speed dampening control
  • Swivel banjo hoses for easy installation of remote reservoirs

*This is a custom order item, please contact our sales desk for details.