Moton Street Sport Moton Street Sport Moton Street Sport

Moton Street Sport for superior handling on the track and street

Designed for high performance street driving, as well as the serious club racer. The Moton street sport suspension is based on the performance of the coveted Moton Club Sport suspension, and combines easy "plug&play" installation with superb performance, both on the street and track. This suspension system is unquestionably the best non-remote resevoir system on the market today, and ideal for any dual-duty that sees both street and track driving.

The Moton Street Sport suspension comes with springs to fit the original upper mounts. It is literally a "bolt-on" suspension set, ready to go out of the box. For the more demanding driver, who wants to have the flexibility to change the spring rates, optional race springs and camber plates can also be added and used. We found the included springs to be ideal for mixed street/track driving.

Double Adjustable Dampers - The Moton Street Sport kit comes with separate rebound and compression controls, each with seven adjustment levels to help you dial in for every condition you encounter. The Street Sport suspension is designed to be extremely comfortable while driving on daily roads and can be easily adjusted for track conditions. When adjusting the dampers, each click will make a very noticeable change that the driver will feel.
  • Separate compression (7) and rebound (7) controls
  • Ride height adjustable
  • Includes springs that fit original upper mounts
  • Blow-off valve system for compression and rebound controls
  • Light weight dual tube design
  • Large piston rod diameter for faster fluid displacement
  • Easy installation
  • Wide range of dampening (compression & rebound)
  • Comfortable on the road and easy to adjust for the track
  • Each adjustment is noticeable to the driver
  • Simple to adjust
  • Substantially improves handling and performance
The Moton Street Sport kit includes (4) dampers, (4) springs, and height adjusters for all four corners.