JRZ Suspension RS1, RS and RS Pro JRZ Suspension RS1, RS and RS Pro JRZ Suspension RS1, RS and RS Pro

JRZ Suspension RS1, RS and RS Pro


The JRZ RS1 is a high gas pressure, single adjustable monotube damper. The canister has been designed inside of the damper. JRZ inner canister technology gives the advantages of monotube canister dampers without the mounting concerns and complexity. Utilizing a mono tube design with a high flow piston ensures the smoothest possible ride in normal conditions while the bleed adjustment gives the ability to tune for racing situations.

- 22 mm rod strut, 16 mm rod damper
- 12 clicks of compression
- 24 clicks of rebound
- Adjustable gas pressure, mono tube
- Piston designed for high performance
- Large adjustment range
- Fixed hoses for easy mounting, available quick disconnect fittings
- Remote reservoir or piggyback canister 


Using our race winning technology, the JRZ RS and RS Pro are designed for the performance enthusiast who will be driving on the street and on the track.  The JRZ RS and JRZ RS Pro have solid support for roll and pitch with a smooth high speed compression blow-off and rebound for superior ride quality.  Each adjustment makes a significant change in the dampers characteristics allowing the driver to tune the car to their preference.  Every JRZ RS and RS Pro is tested and matched on the dyno prior to delivery.  As with all JRZ Suspensions, the JRZ RS and RS Pro are made with the highest quality aerospace amterials and manufactured to the highest aerospace standards.  JRZ RS and RS Pro suspensions are available as individual dampers or as a complete kits with all mounting hardware, top mounts and springs.


- Large adjustment range for optimum street and track settings
- Twin tube double adjustable compression and rebound.  
- No external reservoir for easy installation and the damper is allowed in many restricted club racing classes
- High pressure nitrogen charge to support the car so that lower spring rates can be used


The JRZ RS Pro takes the JRZ RS to the next level by adding an external reservoir.  This design combined the performance attributes of the JRZ Double Adjustable racing damper with the street comfort and packaging options of the JRZ RS.  The JRZ RS Pro is a double adjustable monotube damper with remote resevoirs mounted on a fixed hose or piggyback configuration for easy installation.  Piggyback JRZ RS Pro dampers are available in either a strut or a damper application.  Designed for the performance enthusiast who will spend time on the street and frequents the track, the JRZ RS Pro delivers crisper response and more chassis support than the JRZ RS.

- Monotube design with 44mm piston diameter
- positive and precise adjustments with 12 bump and 15 rebound
- large adjustment range for optimum street and track settings
- external reservoir with high pressure hose or piggyback configuration
- gas pressure adjustable between 100 and 350 psi