JRZ Motorsport 2/3/4-way JRZ Motorsport 2/3/4-way JRZ Motorsport 2/3/4-way

JRZ Motorsport 2/3/4-way adjustable dampers for all your pro motorsports needs

Since their inception, JRZ Suspension Engineering has led the way in suspension design and development for the modern race, rally, and high performance road car. JRZ suspension systems offer the best solutions for each application in single, double, triple, and quadruple adjustable struts and dampers.

In 2003 Jan Zuijdijk found the right partner to ensure JRZ Suspension's continuity and quality with the capacity to maintain the grwth JRZ Suspension has created.
Manufacturing damper parts in house would mean heavy investments in machines and materials, taking away from JRZ Suspension's ability to focus on suspension design. JRZ Suspension made the decision to spend time and money in the development in new and advanced product.  A successful combination was found in merging of JRZ Suspension Engineering with VOVU, a modern machining company using the most advanced machining equipment available.

This merger offered tremendous advantages for both companies.
- Damper production and parts manufacturing are located under one roof
- Parts production planning is streamlined with short lines of communication
- Quality control using the most advanced measuring equipment available, in house
- Parts machining responsive to the production requirements of the individual client.

Product Design:

The JRZ damper is a race winning design, incorporating decades of experience in gas hydraulic damper and suspension design, applied to race cars ranging from F1, Indycars, Grand Touring, Trans Am to all kinds of racing and other applications combined with a thorough knowledge of vehicle dynamics of modern race cars.

The JRZ Racing dampers allow the driver and/or engineer to get the car tuned to their preference.  Each adjustment makes a significant change in the damping characteristic.  Every damper is tested and matched on the dyno prior to delivery.

Single Adjustable:
-minimum weight and size
-precise and accurate 15 positions of rebound adjustment
-oil and gas pressure are separated by a divider piston which makes the damper mountable in - any orientation
-gas pressure is adjusted via schrader valve and can be set between 100-350 psi

Double Adjustable:
-Same rebound design as the single adjustable
-oil and gas are separated in an external reservoir which can be mounted in a piggyback setup or connected with swivel hoses to suit the vehicles packaging requirements
- precise and accurate 15 positions compression adjustment

Triple Adjustable:
- Same rebound design as single and double adjustable
- precise and accurate 15 position high speed blow off compression adjustment
- 6 position precise low speed compression bleed adjustment

Quadruple Adjustment:
- compression design of the triple adjustable
- precise 16 position high speed rebound blow off adjustment
- 8 position precise low speed rebound bleed adjustment

Top Mounts:

JRZ Suspension top mounting plates (also known as camber plates) are designed with the specific needs of each application in mind.  Our development process considers the necessary camber and caster adjustments as well as the necessary strength and stiffness for each application.  Studs are pressed in for ease of installation and maintenance.  JRZ Suspension top mounting plates use grade 12.9 chrom plated hardware.  Used in every JRZ Suspension top mounting plate is an aerospace specification metric PTFE coated spherical bearing.  Quality Bearings dramatically reduce noise and eliver suspension loads smoothly to the chassis for maximum performance.  JRZ Suspension top mounting plates are made with the highest quality aerospace materials and manufactured to the highest aerospace standards.