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Öhlins TTX Technology Motorsport Dampers

Öhlins has during the season 2007-2008 seen a fabulous success with the TTX46 McPherson Touring (MT) and the TTX40 concept in the WTCC. To follow up this success we have developed a TTX46 McPherson Club strut to meet the demand of a wider audience.

The TTX46 MT Club Strut has a forged cylinder head and is two-way adjusted, which separates it from the TTX46 MT. The McPherson strut features a 30 mm through rod, has a 46 mm twin tube design, is equipped with external reservoir, one-way compression and one-way rebound adjuster, totally independent of each other.

As the piston is solid, all adjustments are made through these adjusters. The universal design of the cylinder head and reservoir enables to change the reservoir direction to point either up or down, towards the front or the rear. The possibility to use one part number for both the right and left side also keeps the spare parts management down. Low internal friction, wide adjustment range, responsiveness, fully pressurized balanced setting means no cavitation.

TTX46-CR 46 mm solid piston
twin tube through rod damper
30 mm shaft Compression and Rebound adjusters
Fully pressure balanced
High end performance at a mid range price
For 60 mm spring

The Öhlins TTX40 four-way adjustable racing shock has been a tremendous success, providing top results in the LeMans, ChampCar, Indy Racing League series etc. Since the introduction of its McPherson counterpart, the TTX46MT, it has been the shock to beat in Touring Car racing as well, all over the world. Now it’s time to take racing to another level. Öhlins Racing is proud to present the new TTX40/46MT MkII shock, a further improved version of our flagship.

As before, the TTX40 MkII twin tube damper features a 40 mm solid piston and a through rod shaft, eliminating the requirement of an external reservoir. The design is fully pressure balanced with a positive pressure build-up throughout the adjustment range, eliminating the risk for cavitation as well as enabling the use of low gas pressure, keeping the internal friction at bay. The top eye can easily be re-clocked without opening the damper.

The TTX40 MkII is still a fully independent four-way adjustable, but due to a new design of the valves, it offers even better stability and control, especially at high damping frequencies. For increased rigidity and durability, the piston shafts are now 14 mm on the NH06 and NH08 varieties.

The TTX40/46MT MkII comes with the MkII version of the well proven Valving Reference Program (VRP). This computer model of a dyno will allow you to find damping curves without a dynamometer. It will reduce building time tremendously and allow exact damping adjustment out in the pit lane.  Please contact us to obtain a copy of the latest VRP.


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