Puma Puma


The PUMA Trionfo Mid Pro II is the most technologically advanced racing shoe ever produced for the professional driver, key advancements in light-weight materials results in the lightest racing shoe available today. The body of the Trionfo is constructed of Schoeller canvas, soft suede, and Nomex lining offering superior transpiration, weight reduction, and increased fire protection (TPP40). Asymmetrical lacing improves blood circulation, decreases lactic acid build-up (muscle fatigue), and improves heat dissipation within the foot. A ?tongue-less? body design reduces weight while improving conformation to shape and movement of the driver?s foot. A Carbon Fiber heel stabilizer provides centricity for the necessary heel-toe movement combined with a split heel design reduces weight, heat transfer, and vibration. FIA 8856-2000 and SFI 3.3/5 approved. Available in red, blue, and black. Sizes: 39-47.

The new PUMA SL Tech Mid Pro shoe culminates the ultimate recombinant design of the Future Cat Hi Pro L with the Future Cat Mid P Pro features into the most desirable driving shoe for professionals today. The PUMA SL Tech Pro is constructed of premium full-grain leather, an oil-resistant rubber outsole, a form-designed Velcro closure offering customized comfort and fit in a Mid-top platform, and a 25% weight reduction over other conventional designs. Asymmetrical lacing increases blood circulation by removing the cross over lacing constricting the arterial and venial systems across the top of the foot arch thus decreasing lactic acid build-up/muscle fatigue and improving heat dissipation through improved circulation within the driver’s foot. An anatomical shaped foot plate, UNI Chassis midsole, and ‘split heel’ construction maximizes foot support, sensitivity, and agility in driver’s footwork. Unique multi-panel, internal seam, pre-formed leather construction with high toe box creates the ultimate durability, fitment, and comfort for long driving stints. Newly paneled backing of the shank at the Achilles tendon improves fire protection while ensuring freedom of movement front to rear at the ankle without sacrificing the necessary ankle protection from side-to-side. SFI 3.3/5 and FIA 8856-2000 approved. Available in black, red, or blue top-grain leather. Sizes: 7-13US.