Motul RBF600 / RBF660

Motul RBF600 / RBF660

Motul RBF660 and RBF600 far exceeds DOT 3 and DOT 4 specifications. Extremely high wet and dry boiling points help prevent vapor lock and fade in the harshest environments. Far exceeds specifications for any vehicle requiring DOT 3 or DOT 4 fluid.

Bottles are filled with nitrogen to extend shelf life and eliminate contamination while factory sealed.

Extremely high dry and wet boiling points help prevent vapor lock and brake fade during hard use.

EXTREME THERMAL RESISTANCE AND STABILITY: The elevated dry boiling point of RBF660 (617°F) RBF600 (593°F) (enables effective braking even under the extreme conditions of competition.

VERY EFFICIENT WHEN RAINY: The very high wet boiling point RBF660 and RBF600 (399°F)