Sabelt Head Restraint Seats Sabelt Head Restraint Seats Sabelt Head Restraint Seats

Sabelt Head Restraint Seats

The Sabelt GT-160 Taurus racing seat offers great safety and quality for an affordable price. The GT-160 is a gel coated fibreglass shell, with the same higher sides for better lateral support as the carbon version. It has 5 harness slots, standard removable cushions, side fixings, HANS compatible and FIA Approved.

Built in Italy by Sabelt, this seat has the following features:

  • Foremly known as the Taurus
  • Gel-coated fiberglass shell
  • High sides for better lateral support
  • 5 harness slots
  • Removable cushions
  • Side mounting, 290mm spacing
  • HANS compatible
  • FIA Approved

Sabelt GT-300 Race Seat with Resin Transfer Molding Technology

Sabelt racing seats have been used in some of the most exotic race cars around the world. Sabelt utilizes advanced computer design along with high strength lightweight materials to build one of the lightest and strongest race seats available today. With the Hybrid Carbon Frame design the Sabelt seat has the safest head restraint system for side impact due to the stiffness of the seat structure.

The main part of the seat is made using a new technology called Resin Transfer Molding. This process results in a specific thickness of the shell in critical areas for strength while reducing weight and  maximizing stiffness of the seat. The Hybrid Carbon Frame reinforcement is a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass for maximum strength, safety, and comfort.

To make sure the seat absorbs as much energy as possible during an impact, Sabelt has designed the GT-300 seat with a double harness design to accomadate any driver height. Having the harnesses at the proper shoulder height is critical to transfer impact pressure from your shoulders to the seat. Sabelt has also engineered cooling holes in the back of the seat to keep the driver as comfortable as possible on hot summer days at the track.
Features and Benefits


  • Accurate thickness of the seat shell for strength and light weight
  • Hybrid Carbon Frame stiffens the entire seat for safety
  • Double harness slots for any height driver
  • Ventilation holes for driver comfort 
  • Safest side head bolsters