Aerocatch Hood Pins Aerocatch Hood Pins Aerocatch Hood Pins

Aerocatch Hood Pins

The AeroCatch is available in two installation styles:
1.) TOP MOUNT - Mounts from the exterior surface of the hood. This style makes for an easier installation.
2.) BOTTOM MOUNT - Mounts flush from the interior side of the hood. This style is slightly harder to mount, but makes for less exposed surface of the AeroCatch fastener.

Each AeroCatch hood fastener kit comes complete with two AeroCatch assemblies, all pins, washers, nuts and bushings, as well as mounting template and installation instructions. Professional installation recommended. We have found these to be the best hood fasteners, and have since replaced all standard racing hood pins on our race cars in favor of these superior design. These save us precious time in pit stops and offer a more fail-safe mechanism. We recommend them for any car.

Secure your investment! Add keyed locks to your pair of AeroCatches -- PERFECT for use on a street car, or any car that may be left unattended for any amount of time. Keep prying eyes (and hands) out of your engine bay by opting for the (optional) locking version of the AeroCatch. Locking versions available in both TOP MOUNT and BOTTOM MOUNT installation styles. Includes pre-installed lock cylinders and a pair of matched keys. Simply select your style below, before adding to cart.