Lifeline Fire Suppression Systems

Lifeline 4.0 Liter Mechanical fire suppression system is a superb entry-level Mechanical on-board extinguisher kit offering the same legendary quality as found in all Lifeline systems. The system distributes 2.0ltr of extinguishant to the engine through two nozzles and 2.0ltr to the cockpit through two nozzles utilizing the Zero 2000 fully integrated design approach. Together with the specially designed atomising nozzles, the Zero 2000 compound itself has been specially blended to cope with the rigorous demands of motorsport. The nozzle design divides the foam into minute particles, smothering the fire with a fine mist that forms an invisible seal over the target area, cooling and preventing re-ignition. Zero 2000 performed supremely well in engine fire tests, and thus achieved full approval of the FIA, RACMSA and SCCA.

Kit includes:

  • 6ft Pull Cable (x 1),
  • 12ft Pull Cable (x 1),
  • Zero 2000 Nozzle (x 4),
  • 10mm Equal T Connector (x 3),
  • 10mm Tube (x 5m),
  • Pipe Clip (x 5),
  • Decal Pack.