The Latest: Back from Training in Holland

Back from Holland and the training was great.  As factory rebuild center for the Top three road racing Dampers in the world, retraining and re-certification is part of our commitment to these top damper brands. 

Some great new products from AST-Moton, the 5100 series dampers are single adjustable but carry a lot of the internal components and technology as their more expensive cousin, the Moton 2-way damper.  At ¼ of the price this is a damper that is priced right and will beat a lot dampers on the race track.  Look out for these in the coming season.

JRZ also has some really cool new product, extending their already impressive RS and Motorsport 11-12 and 14 series line up, they now have a line for armored vehicles and special tires for those bullet proof get aways!  Their facilities were very hi tech and staffed with a skilled labor force. Very impressive.

Spring is coming so dust off those racing boots and let’s get ready to race!  No excuses now, with the new 5200 series dampers, racers can now race on what the pros are using.