Paragon Competition is pleased to announce, for the 2015 season, Lamborghini Uptown Toronto has chosen Paragon Competition as their partner, in the IMSA Lamborghini Super Trofeo North American race series.  The Canadian-based team will create a truly Canadian entry into the series.  The six events in the series will be held at six world-class race facilities in the United States, where venerated racing legends like Jacques Villeneuve, Mario Andretti and Michael Schumacher have graced these road courses to make history. 

Race fans and emerging designers were invited to design the face of Canada’s newest entry into the world’s fastest one-make race series at an event held at Lamborghini Uptown Toronto. “We want passionate auto enthusiasts to help us design the face of our race team for 2015 and beyond,” says Shawn Morris, Vice-President of Operations for Grand Touring Automobiles. “This is the first All Canadian team to race in the North American Super Trofeo circuit and we want enthusiasts to help us design a look for the team that truly positions us as Team Canada on the North American circuit,” said Morris.

“My Co-Driver Paul Taylor and I will channel our passion for the Lamborghini brand, with the support of my Championship-winning team and engineers, we will represent Lamborghini Uptown Toronto very well in the Super Trofeo series,” said Joe Chan, Owner, Paragon Competition. “We want to be known as Canada’s team on the circuit and I am excited to see the design of our new race team when it’s unveiled next month, at the Toronto International Auto Show” said Chan.

The winning design was unveiled and displayed in the Grand Touring Automobiles booth with great success and anticipation.  More than 150 Journalist from the press core was present for the unveiling. The winning Design from Mike Chau of Shinzo Media Group looked racy yet, with strong design elements blended in.  “I want to congratulate Mike and his group for coming up with the design” said Chan; they really put some thought into the design, the round bubbles representing the Chemicals (Blue Chem) attacking the contaminants at the molecular level, this is a perfect statement for our partner sponsor Blue Chem Group, a chemical manufacturer and leader in the automotive industry.