Check out our new Intercomp Laser Levelling System


Here at Paragon Competition we are constantly exploring and researching our product lines.  Our latest addition was the Intercomp Laser Levelling system. The Intercomp Laser Levelling system allows users to set up their ramps and scales in minutes anywhere they go.


After levelling the laser device, a level beam is projected across the room


across to the 3 other platforms for fine adjustment

The three other scales are levelled to the reference

After the set up rack is nicely levelled... we can begin preparing our special Paragon 'Racing Alignment'

Taking the guesswork out of scale levelling, the Intercomp Laser Levelling system was very easy to use. 

Perfect for shop and trackside use for quick and easy platform levelling. Comes in a ballistic nylon carrying case with ample padding for all your trackside abuse.
They even come with special glasses to help enhance the laser effect in outdoor conditions. 

Call us today for more information and stay tuned for our next chapter